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Focusing on quality, based on various standards of the respective countries. With rich experiences, we can always provide our clients and cooperators with the most suitable products.

Adopt Up-To-Date Technology.
Quality And Efficiency.

Our company mainly focus on:

1. Building materials, such as granite products, ceramic products, plywood products, ceilings, columns, etc.;

2. Outdoor products such as solar power lights, poles, paving molds, etc.;

3. Construction tools, such as scaffold, safety net, cornice molds, etc.



Rich experiences in this field


Quick response to your needs


Only quality possesses markets

Porcelain Tile & Ceramic Tile

Wood Flooring

Artificial Quartz Tile

Granite Products

Kitchen Sinks & Vanity Sinks

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets

Cornices & Moulds

Steel Belts

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